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Basic Details
Name L-388 Advanced Public Information Officer Course
The National Response Framework (NRF) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) devote significant attention to the importance of emergency public information. Public information is one-third of one-fifth of NIMS under Command and Management, placing public information at the same level as the Incident Command System (ICS). With public information included as a function within NIMS and ICS, it is critical to address and provide training for this important element of emergency management. EMI's Public Information Officer (PIO) training curriculum includes courses delivered at the awareness, basic, intermediate, advanced and master levels. The awareness, basic and intermediate level courses were developed by EMI and are managed by state emergency management trainers who teach basic skills and techniques for use during small, localized, single-agency responses; preparedness campaigns; and escalating localized responses. The advanced level course is the fourth
Target Audience
  • Emergency Management
Course Objective
  • Relate the exercise scenario to their primary area of responsibility within the functional exercise by verbalizing their primary exercise role during the introductions
  • (Unit 1) Apply current crisis communications methodologies to community audiences during an incident by completing three table group activities
  • (Unit 2) Analyze the characteristics of the changing American family and how the media and fear play a role in shaping communication goals and messages by participating in a group discussion and an activity
  • (Unit 3) Conduct an analysis of their personal and organizational disaster readiness based on current disaster readiness guidance
  • (Unit 4) Relate the Incident Action Planning (IAP) process to the External Affairs 8-Step Strategic Communications Model by completing a multi-level activity
  • (Unit 5) Demonstrate the ability to work in a JIC by actively contributing to exercise tasks and products as specified in the exercise objectives through functional exercise play
  • (Un
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