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Basic Details
Name L-388 Advanced Public Information Officer Course
The purpose of this course is to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills to establish, manage, and work within a Joint Information Center. Participants will develop new skills to coordinate a message once developed and modify if problems or sources of confusion arise. This course will encourage participants to change their processes to assure every action has a measurable relevance for their identified audience.
Target Audience
  • Full-time Public Information personnel who have completed the prerequisites
  • The “G” course requirements can be waived for those individuals who have extensive experience in public information activities
  • Waiver requests must be in writing and submitted to Admissions
  • Part-time Public Information Officers can be admitted if approved by the Course Manager
Course Objective
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: • Describe the history and present environment in which Public Information Officers work
  • • Describe the changes in the American family and society over the last 20 years and emerging communication challenges
  • • Analyze the impact of media-generated fear-mongering and public trust impacts on the acceptance of emergency communication messages
  • • Discuss current crisis communication methodologies and the relationship with emergency communication
  • • Describe the tools available for successful strategic communications planning
  • • Describe the practice, policy, and procedure related to Joint Information Systems and Joint Information Centers
  • • List leadership skills required by Public Information Officers working in a Joint Information Center
  • • Demonstrate the ability to work in a Joint Information Center
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