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Basic Details
Name G2015 ASHI CPR< AED and Basic First Aid : ( G2015 )
Description Topics: Recognizing an emergency Standard precautions and personal protective equipment Legal considerations and Good Samaritan Emergency moves Cardiac arrest and CPR with high quality chest compressions and rescue breaths Early defibrillation and AED Chain of survival Naloxone Primary and secondary assessments Recovery position Recognizing and treating choking, shock, bleeding, amputation, impaled object, various injuries, burns, sudden illness, stroke, hypoglycemia, seizure, difficulty breathing, severe allergic reaction, poisoning, severe abdominal pain, heat emergencies, cold emergencies, and stings/bites.
Target Audience Individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers and desire, or are occupationally required, to be trained and certified in CPR, AED, and basic first aid
This certification period may not exceed 2 years from the month of issue
More frequent practice of skills is strongly recommended
Additional Information Class will be held from 0800-1700 Thisw offering is DEM staff specific.
Location Kelley Training Room
Address 2555 Shumard Oak
Region 2

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Date Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022 - Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022
Point of Contact Lyle Briggs
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CHRISTINA GOETZMANLeon Division of Emergency Management
Carri RoperLeon Division of Emergency Management
Genie ColvinLeon Division of Emergency Management
Sara NewhouseLeon Division of Emergency Management
Conn ColeLeon Division of Emergency Management
Gillian SmithLeon Division of Emergency Management
Teresa WaltersLeon Division of Emergency Management
Jennifer HudspethLeon Division of Emergency Management
Sherrie McPhaulLeon Division of Emergency Management
Noahty Hamilton-HollandLeon Division of Emergency Management
Standby Awaiting State Approval
If your name appears on this list your application has been approved by your supervisor or county/tribe emergency management program and is on standby awaiting final approval from the state. This approval may be dependent upon available space, the target audience, as well as other factors.

Valerie BeynonLeon FL Dept of Health
Benjamin GuthrieLiberty Liberty County Emergency Management
Gwen KeenanLeon Other-Leon
Danielle BaxterLeon Department of Health
Alvin BishopLeon Division of Emergency Management
Doug DickinsonLeon Florida Department of Health
Pending Supervisor or Emergency Management Program Approval
If your name appears on this list your application is awaiting approval (for state or 'other' employees) by your supervisor or (for county, tribe, and some city employees) your emergency management program.

Melissa WoehleLeon Department of Environmental Protection