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Name Chemical/Drug Exposure; A Unified Response From Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS/HazMat, & Hospital Emergency Response Train-the-Trainer Program : ( _)
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PreRequisite This course is intended for active law enforcement, fire, EMS, and hospital personnel. *Class is from 0800-1700* Train-the-Trainer Course Student manual will be provided to each attendee along with a zip drive containing the PDF version of the student manual, instructor manual, and PowerPoint presentation.
Target Audience Law enforcement (including command personnel),fire department responders and command personnel, HazMat team members, EMS transport personnel, and hospital first receivers
Additional Information On a daily basis, emergency responders face chemical and drug dangers that can cause illness, injury, and even death. From using chemicals to commit suicide to synthetic opioids, chemicals and drugs are easily accessible and are more prevalent because of the availability of information on the internet. A lack of understanding of secondary exposure can further exacerbate those situations. Synthetic opioid based drugs can be dangerous to all emergency responders and first receivers and many chemicals and drugs pose a danger beyond just the scene. Course goals are to present students with: *Educate first responders and first receivers on current trends of chemicals and drugs commonly misused by the public; *Background information and myths of the current trends of chemicals and drugs commonly misused by the public; *Addresses appropriate notifications; *Addresses appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); *Addresses unified command concerns; *Addresses decontamination of personnel, equipment, and vehicles.
Location The Villages-Sumter County Public Safety
Address Room 150 - EOC 7361 Powell Rd.
Wildwood 34785
Region 4

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Date Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019 - Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019
Point of Contact Mark Reali
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David CroweSt. Lucie Department of Health
Jeremy FeilSumter Sumter County Fire & EMS
Tammy HarrisCitrus Citrus County Community Services Department
Aaron BryantPasco Pasco Sheriff's Office
Scott HessSumter  
Hector OteroSumter  
Ralph KaylorSumter Sumter County Fire & EMS
Kimberly WattsSumter The Villages Public Safety Department
Robert Ramage JrSumter The Villages Public Safety Department
Jason HoskinsLeon Department of Corrections
Elizabeth ButlerSumter Sumter County Sheriff's Office
Michael DiStefanoSumter  
Josh PhillipsMarion  
Lindsey BayerLake Other-Lake
Gabriel TrujilloSumter Sumter AMR
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