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Basic Details
Name G-557 Rapid Needs Assessment : ( G-557)
Description This course was formerly a 4-8 hour course. The ability to perform a rapid assessment accurately and within the first few hours after an incident is critical to providing response for life threatening and imminent hazards. Coordinated and timely assessments permit local government to prioritize response activities, allocate scarce resources and request mutual aid and State & Federal assistance. Classroom activities, facilitated exercises and instructor lead group discussion are utilized in this course to provide participants with the skills to perform assessment. Communities can use the Resource Guide and Facilitator’s Guide when developing the plan and procedures for rapidly and efficiently collecting disaster intelligence immediately following a disaster. This intelligence is used to prioritize response activities, allocate available resources, and specifically request resources from other sources to save and sustain lives. UPDATED September 2012.
Target Audience
Additional Information Class will be in the Kelley Training Room from 0830-1730. Proper work attire. The KTR is usually a bit chilly. Bring a sweater, and/or a jacket.
Location Kelly Training Room, Florida DEM
Address 2555 Shumard Oak
Tallahassee 32399
Region 2

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Date Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019 - Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019
Point of Contact Lyle Briggs
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Matthew McCourtLeon Division of Emergency Management
David SolomonLeon Division of Emergency Management
Cameron YoungLeon Division of Emergency Management
Amy GodseyLeon Division of Emergency Management
Daniel CurcioLeon Division of Emergency Management
Kaylynn PerryLeon Division of Emergency Management
Kimberly Alvarez-EstradaLeon Division of Emergency Management
Alexandra BoswellLeon DEM
Karen PicklesLeon Division of Emergency Management
Melissa FoggyLeon Division of Emergency Management
Virgil HowardLeon Department of Management Services
Joy GellerLeon Department of Management Services
Valerie BeynonLeon FL Dept of Health
Allen WillisLeon Tallahassee Fire Department
John ColvinLeon Division of Emergency Management
Kevin HardyLeon Division of Emergency Management
Jefferson WelleLeon Department of Health
Susan JamesLeon Department of Health
John GatlinLeon Department of Financial Services
Debbie KelleyLeon Department of Health
Nicholas RoffLeon Department of Environmental Protection
Patrick MorsePinellas Other-Pinellas
Ty CarhartLeon Department of Health
Nicholas MorrowLeon Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Christian LevingsLeon Leon County DEM
Howell BattsWakulla Department of Health
Jessica SchmidtHillsborough AmeriCorps/Metropolitan Ministries
Sherin JosephLeon Division of Emergency Management
Robert BaileyLeon Department of Health
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Matthew WillmanLeon Other-Leon
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Virginia HughesLeon Division of Emergency Management
Sonia McNelisLeon Department of Health
Jeff BiellingLeon Department of Health
Skyler WarrenLeon Department of Health