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Basic Details
Name AWR-347 Climate Adaptation Planning for Emergency Management (AWR-347) : ( AWR-347)
Description The purpose of this eight hour training course is to prepare the community and the emergency services sector for the climate adaptations and systems vulnerabilities that might occur from hazard impacts. The course is developed to enhance awareness to future climate hazards and impacts that the emergency services sector may face. Although this course will be developed and delivered with a national scope, it will emphasize the importance of the local emergency services sector. The goal of this course is to provide participants with the ability to assess hazards, impacts, and vulnerabilities of local emergency systems. Participants will gain an understanding of how to identify and apply adaptation strategies to address local emergency services sector vulnerabilities. The course is also designed to provide opportunities for participants to learn about various resources that can be used to implement local climate adaptation strategies in their communities. This course enhanc
PreRequisite None
Target Audience This awareness level course in intended for a target audience of the Whole Community, including, Coastal Zone Managers, Developers, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials, Fire Services, Governmental Administrative, Law Enforcement, Non-Governmental Organizations, Public Health sector, Public Safety Communication, Public Utilities, Public Works, Search & Rescue, Planning, Zoning, Growth Management, Engineers
Particular focus is on the emergency services sectors vulnerable to future natural hazard impacts
Additional Information Join us for our Climate Adaptation Planning for Emergency Management course and learn about the principles of climate adaptation planning for emergency management and first response processes. Enhance your ability to discuss the impact of weather hazards on critical infrastructure and key resources, and explain how climate change projects will affect those impacts. Build knowledge regarding the processes of common weather hazards, climate variability, climate change, and risk assessment paradigms. Class will be from 8:30am - 4:30pm
Location St. Johns County EOC
Address 100 EOC Dr.
St. Augustine 32092
St. Johns
Region 3

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Date Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019 - Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019
Point of Contact Kelly Wilson
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Kelly WilsonSt. Johns St. Johns County Emergency Management
Brian KelsaySt. Johns  
Timothy ConnorSt. Johns St. Johns County Emergency Management
Sonny RodgersClay Department of Health
Richard DickensPutnam St. Johns River Water Management District
Patrick DotySt. Johns St. Johns County Flooplain Management
Roger LewisDuval  
Patricia CepedaClay Department of Health
Jenny WolfeSt. Johns City of St. Augustine
David BirchimSt. Johns Other-St. Johns
Luis HerreraClay Department of Health
Donna DeGennaroSt. Johns Other-St. Johns
Lucas SmithSt. Johns St. John's County Fire Rescue
Jeffrey AlexanderSt. Johns St. Johns County EM
Jason FerrisDuval Other-Duval
Daniel DeptulaDuval City of Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness Divisi
Aaron GlickDuval Other-Duval
Eric AndersonDuval Northeast Florida Regional Council
Margo MoehringDuval Other-Duval
Jessica BeachSt. Johns City of St. Augustine
Alfred SandrikDuval Other-Duval
Ericka MastersSt. Johns St. Johns County Sheriffs Office
Billy ZeitsSt. Johns  
Sue Ann AllegerNassau  
Brian LawSt. Johns  
Milton TownsClay Clay County Environmental Services
Laura NelsonFlagler Flagler County Emergency Management
James TroianoPutnam St. Johns River Water Management District
Glenn BrownSt. Johns Other-St. Johns
Matthew HarbisonDuval Other-Duval
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