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Name OGT-617 Understanding a Targeted Cyber Attack : ( _)
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Target Audience This course was developed for information security and cybersecurity personnel and managers, emergency responders, risk management personnel, planners, critical infrastructure representatives from both private and public sectors, and other personnel responsible for identifying and responding to cyber incidents and those who are involved in developing organization strategies
Additional Information Course time 8am to 4:30pm This TEEX cybersecurity course “Preparing for a Targeted Cyber Attack” provides participants with an understanding of an advanced persistent threat (APT). This knowledge will place them in a better position to plan for, and recover from cyber-attacks. The focus will demonstrate how attackers utilize reconnaissance techniques to gather information on individuals and organizations and evaluate personality types and their susceptibility to social engineering techniques. This TEEX cybersecurity course will describe the goals of the attacker once they are in your network and how to prevent the initial breach, privilege escalation and data exfiltration. It addresses the gap in threat specific training for cybersecurity as a community driven course that will focus on the targeted cyber-attack; describing, analyzing and demonstrating the phases of an attack and the methods used. It will provide the participants with prevention, mitigation and response techniques that correspond with the cyber kill chain and the NIST cybersecurity framework.
Location Levy County EOC
Address 7911 NE 90th Street
Bronson 32621
Region 3

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Date Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019 - Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019
Point of Contact David Peaton
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David PeatonLevy Levy County EM
Mark MarrazoLevy Inglis Fire Rescue
John MacDonaldLevy Levy County Emergency Management
Jacob ArnoldLevy Volunteer Florida
Wendell WrightAlachuaNewberry
ELIZABETH POWERSLevy Department of Health
Ralph SmithGilchrist Gilchrist County Emergency Management
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Richard DickensPutnam St. Johns River Water Management District
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Andrew NaisbettMarion Corporate Data - Cyber