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Name MIT-003 Modeling Risk with Hazus-MH: Fundamentals and Beyond
This course will explain how to use FEMA’s Hazus-MH tool to assess economic and social impacts from hurricane related winds and floods in Florida. It will also apply the information presented in the previous two courses in this training series to discuss how to leverage the information produced by Hazus-MH as inputs that can be used to predict other hazard impacts not directly addressed by Hazus-MH. The class will include multiple hands-on activities including an opportunity to apply the lessons learned to characterize hurricane related risks in your own community. Participants should expect to achieve the following goals by attending this class: Develop a basic understanding of how Hazus-MH works – what it can produce ‘out of the box’, how it can be enhanced by incorporating more refined inputs, and how it can inform other aspects of risk management in your community and identify the data, additional training, collaborations and other actions that you need to take to successfully leve
Target Audience
  • Florida Floodplain Managers, Emergency Management Professionals, and GIS Professionals
Course Objective
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