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Basic Details
Name MGT-405 Mobilizing Faith-Based Community Organizations in Preparing for Disaster
This 8-hour, planning and management-level course trains faith-based community organization (FBCO) representatives, management-level emergency managers, and first responders from small and rural communities to strategically mobilize and engage members of FBCOs, including religious charities, nonprofits such as the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, churches (both affiliated and unaffiliated), temples, synagogues, mosques, and NGOs etc., in a reciprocal approach to disaster planning that is integrated into current local and statewide emergency management efforts
Target Audience
Course Objective
  • The significant role FBCOs have played during and after majordisasters
  • •understanding the responsibilities and authority of each level ofgovernment and non-governmental organizations as well as the fourphases of emergency management and other significant emergency-related terminology
  • •the role leadership plays in FBCO preparedness, apply social networking techniques to prepare members for disaster, and completean emergency plan checklist that can be utilized by FBCOs duringthe planning process
  • •the process for developing a local emergency plan, list the elementsof a comprehensive county emergency plan, and evaluate a plan forFBCO engagement
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