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Basic Details
Name L-960 NIMS ICS All-Hazard Division & Group Supervisor
The course is designed to provide local and state-level emergency responders with a robust understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and capabilities of an effective Division Group Supervisor on an AHIMT. The course walks students through general information, including an overview of the Operations Section and information on incident mobilization, initial situation awareness and unit management. It also provides detailed instruction on responding to the incident and the command needs of the incident, as well as emphasizing the importance of risk management and safety considerations.
Target Audience
  • The intended audience(s) are local- or state-level emergency responders who may be designated as DIVS on their local or state IMT
  • The audience may include participants from a variety of agencies and functional disciplines, including fire service, law enforcement, emergency management, public works departments, as well as public health organizations, medical emergency teams, and hospitals
Course Objective
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