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Basic Details
Name L-124 EMAP Accreditation Manager Orientation/Assessor Training (combined course)
The EMAP Accreditation Manager Orientation/Assessor Training (combined course) provides emergency management, preparedness and homeland security personnel with information that will assist them in assessing their jurisdiction’s system for disaster preparedness and response using the Emergency Management Standard by EMAP; and will qualify experienced Emergency Managers to serve as EMAP Assessors to perform on-site assessments for a candidate’s emergency management program. Assessor training is conducted to ensure that all members of the assessor cadre uniformly and consistently administer the principles of EMAP in all assessment. Training addresses means of validating compliance with EMAP standards and appropriate interaction with candidate program personnel during pre-assessment, assessment, and post-assessment activities. In addition, course participants will learn how to use the Emergency Management Standard by EMAP as a guide for improvement for Emergency Management Programs.
Target Audience
  • Experienced Emergency Managers from state, county or municipal government; federal agencies; medical facilities; military; universities and colleges; and other organizations with Emergency Management Programs
Course Objective
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