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Name IO-MARC Mutual Aid Radio Communications
This is a 40-hour course provided to public safety personnel who serve as operators and/or technicians for the deployment, setup, maintenance, and operation of MARC units. Florida’s MARC packages are an integral part of the states, State’s Technology Reserve waiver listed in its Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) grant submission. This technology is part of the state’s SCIP and has played a role in responses during Hurricane Katrina and the 2007 fires in Florida. MARC provides conventional radio communication infrastructure when fixed radio communications infrastructure is compromised or unavailable. This tool work together with others as listed in the state’s SCIP to provide interoperable communications for first responders on an incident scene. This project will ensure that there is adequately trained staff to deploy, maintain and staff the MARC packages for long term deployments such as Hurricane Katrina should the need arise. In addition, all prospective COML
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