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Basic Details
Name G-108 Community Mass Care Management
This course provides training for local communities to prepare for and manage the Mass Care/Emergency Assistance (MC/EA) functions effectively. The goal is to prepare community agencies, organizations, and businesses to work together in coordination with emergency management and traditional MC providers to plan and provide MC/EA services to those affected by disaster..
Target Audience
  • Citizen Preparedness; Planning
Course Objective
  • Define the four primary MC/EA services as discussed in this course
  • • Describe how to determine their community’s MC/EA service resource requirements
  • • Identify providers that exist in their community or can be called upon from a nearby community to meet the requirements for MC/EA
  • • Name planning and operational actions that can affect how services will be provided
  • • List action items to use resources and providers to meet MC/EA requirements in their community
More Info
Student Pre-requisites
This course is intended for MC coordinators, management staff, non-governmental organization leaders, private sector, and other emergency management staff that are a part of the team and have a responsibility for effective MC/EA preparedness and response.
Instructor Pre-requisites
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