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Basic Details
Name FL-601 Preliminary Damage Assessment
This course is intended for local and state officials or other employees assisting with damage assessment duties. Training will focus the importance and purpose of conducting and reporting accurate Initial Damage Assessments (IDA) following a presidentially declared disaster. Training with include an overview of the Individual Assistance (IA) program, Public Assistance (PA) program and the pathway to the Joint Preliminary Damage Assessments (Joint PDA). This is an interactive course using various technology tools for learner engagement.
Target Audience
  • • Local government officials, Public Works representative, County Department heads, Project Managers, Finance Representatives • Anyone tasked with going in field to conduct damage assessments after a disaster will benefit from this class • GIS staff who handle damage assessments utilizing technology are encouraged to attend as well since the focus has been broadened to encompass this methodology • Agencies heads may wish to designate staff employees who may handle this function in the event of a presidentially declared disaster
Course Objective
  • • Provide an overview of the Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) / Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) within the Individual Assistance (IA) Program and the Public Assistance (PA) Program • Explain how a potential applicant would quantify and document damages for county- and state-level thresholds • Explain how the Initial Damage Assessments / Preliminary Damage Assessments (IDA/PDA) are integral to the overall declaration process • Describe the depth and necessity of an Initial Damage Assessment at the county level after a presidentially declared disaster
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