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Basic Details
Name 245 Population Monitoring: Radiation Response Volunteer Corps.
The training is for personnel who can assist with population monitoring after a radiological incident/event, such as a severe transportation accident, a nuclear power plant accident, or the detonation of a radiological dispersal device or an improvised nuclear device.
Target Audience
  • Medical Reserve Corps members • Medical professionals (physicians, physician assistants, EMTs/paramedics, nurse practitioners, nurses, etc
  • ) • Radiation response professionals (medical physicists, health physicists, nuclear medicine technologists, radiation therapists, and radiologic technologists)
Course Objective
  • At the conclusion of the training, the participant will: • Be familiar with the role of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) in a disaster • Understand the role of population monitoring and the Radiation Response Volunteer Corps (RRVC) in a radiological disaster • Know the steps to establish and operate a population monitoring center within the framework of the MRC • Learn about radiation, radiation protection, detection, contamination, and removal • Be provided with additional resources to assist with responding to a radiological event • Integrate, at the local level, the skills and abilities of both MRC volunteers and the RRVC volunteers
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