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Name MGT-313 Incident Management / Unified Command
TThis 3 day (24 course hour) course is offered by the Texas Engineering Extension (TEEX) Service, a member of the Texas A&M University System and trains emergency respnse supervisors and managers in the skills necessary to effectively plan for and mangeage large-scale incidents by applying the all-hazards command and management structure found in the National Incident Managmeent System (NIMS). Topics covered in the course include: Overview of terrorism; Terrorist weapons; Incident management/unified command overview; Incident management strategies; Unified command: The State and Federal response; Assessing your community's vulnerability to terrorism; Incident Response Planning; Resource Management Target Audience: Emergency responders , supervisors, and managers, from the following disciplines/services: Fire service, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Hazardous Materials (HazMat), Law Enforcement (LE), Public Health (PH), Public Works (PW), Emergency Management (EM), Government(Administrative), Private Sector and military (if invited by the host jurisdiction), County, state, and federal agency personnel who will respond with a local jurisdiction during a WMD/terrorism incident. State of Florida "Request/Host Agencies" must coordinate presentation of this course directly with TEEX at prior to forwarding a request to the Florida State Training Officer to conduct the course. Participants must work in one of the below disciplines/services, possess a working knowledge of the jurisdiction's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and have completed a WMD/terrorism incident awareness course. A WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders Course WMD006A is provided via the Internet at For information on scheduling this course, please contact the Division's DHS Training Coordinator at 850.413.9897. PLEASE NOTE: FLORIDA DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE MGT 313 AS AN EQUIVALENT TO THE G-300
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