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Name MIT-001 Using Geospatial Technologies to Describe and Measure Risks and Vulnerabilities from Florida Hurricanes
Models that leverage the powerful tools in Geographic Information Systems are increasingly being used to characterize the economic and social impacts of hazards such as hurricanes. While these models offer significant potential for mitigating these risks, they can also produce inaccurate results if the hazard, exposure and other inputs upon which they are based are inappropriate for the use to which they are applied. This course, the first of a series of three, will explore the inputs that are required to describe the extent and severity of wind and flood hazards produced by Florida hurricanes. Topics to be addressed in this course include risk modeling fundamentals and how GIS can help, describing the hazard, describing who and what are at risk, and describing the impacts of wind and flood hazards produced by Florida hurricanes.
Target Audience
  • Florida Floodplain Managers, Emergency Management Professionals, and GIS Professionals
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